July 31, 2014

Simply Pale

The pastel colors and soft tones make a great palette for conveying layouts about girls,
 especially teenage girls!
 Might you agree?
Teenage girls are sensitive and sweet!
I opted to create two layouts about two young girls whom mean so much to me.
In the process, I stayed committed to the lovely pale color scheme as requested...
First, I chose the picture of my best friend's daughter–She's the sweetest ever!
We went on a picnic trip together last month.
They were bright, cheerful, and chatted away happily all day long!
When I looked at them, my heart immediately lifted and so, I grabbed my camera and captured the happy moment.
For this layout, I used the beautiful patterned papers from the new 'Open Road' collection.
To soften them and to enhance the 'paleness' of the layout,
I placed a vellum sheet  on top the background–vellum always makes for a softer atmosphere.
I use it often.
I then added more vellum shapes and pastel die-cuts, along with some tags from the Style Board collection.
Mixing Crate's collections is absolutely fun!
I stuck to a limited color palette of green and gold.
I sometimes think that too many colors can take away from any obvious theme and it's gorgeous details.

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