March 2, 2014

Happy mail

Red is my favorite color.
I really love red shoes, red nails, red dress.. etc.
But usually I didn't use more reds in my scrapbooking page.
Because I felt the more reds are too strong in my page,
sometimes those reds overwhelmed my photos with their strength and intensity.

humm.. but as soon as I saw the love notes collection I decided to put more reds into my page at this time.
As you know this collection is full of pretty reds and pinks for Valentines's season.
Especially I couldn't deny the reds in Love notes are so attractive.
and I chose a photo with red accents for this layout.
then added little red pieces from chipboards, stickers and patterned papers.
Oh! so lucky! There are cute envelope and postbox chipboards and those pieces go well with my photo. no doubt!
While I used more red pieces on this page, I also used properly sufficient empty space and white gesso.
These devices make red details easy to mix and match my photo for good balance in my page. :)

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