July 30, 2013

Gossamer Blue : Life Pages Design Team

 I joined the member of Gossamer Blue design team. :)


One day in last June I just turned 37,
I've got a mail concerning the invitation to design team from Lori.
It was pretty coincidental, wasn't it?
And I suppose we're meant to be together. :)
What a wonderful birthday gift I have!!

Recently I have a  growing interest in Project Life pages 
and I'm very pleased to enter on a new PL design as GB Life Pages design team.
It's a great opportunity that I must grasp, no doubt.
And It would be such an experience for me to develop my scrapbooking taste.

Well,  keep watching the upcoming my PL design on Gossamer Blue.
I'll show you what my style is and do my best in DT.


  1. Go JIna!
    지금 들러서 둘러봤는데 한창 성장세에 있는 사이트인가봐요? 웹사이트 이름도 참 예쁘네요~
    SC처럼 매달의 킷을 미리 받아서 작업하는 건가요?
    정말 바빠지시겠어요~~~ ^^

    1. 네~ 매달 미리미리 작업해야해서 맘만 급해지네요. ㅎㅎ
      그래도 새로운 도전이니 즐거운 맘으로 즐기려고해요.
      좀 튀는 디자이너가 되고 싶은데.. 언젠가는 그런날이 꼭 오겠죠!! ㅋㅋㅋ